Double the output power – same size motor

New improved DC- Servo Motor BG65 S with more than the double the output power of the same sized motor .

At the Hannover Messe from 20 to 24 April 2009, Dunkermotoren will present the new DC- Servo Motor BG65 S, which is an enhanced version of the highly acclaimed BG65. The output power of the new BG65 S is more than the double that of its predecessor, with the same footprint.

The existing synthetic material, ring-bound magnets are replaced by sintered Neodym iron boron „segment magnets“. The use of these anisotropic „segment magnets“ permits maximum directional efficiency to the individual magnetic poles especially in the transition zone when changing polarity.
By combining a perfect motor design with the use of high-quality magnet material results in an astonishing rise in output power from 84 watt to 190 watt.
The torque increase by double, from 26Ncm to 52Ncm at almost identical nominal speeds and the efficiency also improves with all BG65 S variants, on average 15%. The BG65 DC-motor was available in the three lengths of 115, 140 and 165 mm, to date.
Based on the remarkable increased performance of the BG65 S, the longest version becomes redundant.

The new BG65 S is available in the lengths of 115 mm and 140 mm in numerous voltage variants. The logic-/ power electronics and plug concepts were of course adapted to the increased current load.
To ensure compatibility with its predecessor, the interpretations of the mechanical interface and the mechanical measurements remain unchanged. The motor can be equipped with different integrated electronic functions, which are part of the outstanding features of the BG65 S.

There are different electronic functionalities available. The spectrum begins with an integrated speed controller (SI) for 4Q operation. The next configuration level is the integrated 4Q servo controller with a comfortable PC-software (PI). Therewith it is possible to parametrize the operating modes, positioning, speed and torque. CANopen interface (Device Profile DSP402) is available in the higher stage (CI). Parameter of a trajectory can be modified „on-the-fly“

For customized projects with more sophisticated demands the freely integrated programmable motion controller (MI) is available. This enables the brushless DC-Servo Motor to execute stand-alone, master-slave functions. In combination with our modular system we can offer innovative drive solutions based on brushless DC- Servo Motors at short notice. Further components include planetary gearboxes (up to 160 Nm) and worm gearboxes (up to 30 Nm) from our own in-house development and production. These drive  systems are completed by a variety of encoders, power-off and power-on brakes.


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