High torques transmitted quietly

Dunkermotoren expands its modular system with a new planetary gearbox PLG63

The drive specialist located in Bonndorf enlarges its comprehensive product line by a new high-torque planetary gearbox PLG63. This compact planetary gearbox with continuous torque up to 100 Nm, fits perfectly to the new DC- servomotor BG65 S. The new gearbox can also be combined with Brushless DC-servomotors BG45 and BG75 and with the Brushed DC-motors GR63, GR80.

The new planetary gearbox complements the modular system from Dunkermotoren with standardized components thus increasing the range of drive solutions. A variety of gear reductions suits a diversity of applications. The compact planetary gearbox PLG63 incorporates one, two or three-stages of gears, with reductions from 3:1 to 960:1. Low backlash and predominant integer ratios are the basis for the assembly of high-precision drive solutions. The noiseless running of this planetary gearbox is an advantage for many solutions in industrial automation, such as packaging machinery. This is achieved by using a helical cut gear in the first stage. Long-life and maintenance-free operation is possible by nitrated steel gears and steel planetary wheels in the second and third stage.
Then, on both sides, sealed ball bearings are used, which are lubricated for their whole life cycle. These ball bearings are specified for radial and axial loads up to 800N at the output shaft. The planetary gearbox is qualified (as standard) for ambient temperatures from -25 to +90°C. However, for use in rough environmental conditions, this gearbox is protected against dust, dirt and liquids to IP54 class, optionally up to IP65. With the launch of the new planetary gearbox, Dunkermotoren once more proves itself as a competent supplier for high-end drive solutions.

The benefits for the customer are shorter delivery times and lower costs for his drive solutions. Other components within the modular system include brushed DC-motors, additional planetary gearboxes up to 160Nm and worm gearboxes up to 30Nm from our own development and production. Additionally, the drive solution can be complemented by a variety of encoders, power-off and power-on brakes.


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