Strong type complements product family

The brushed DC-motors will be complemented by a strong member of the family

At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 exhibition from 24 to 26 November 2009, Dunkermotoren presents the new brushed DC-motor GR 63S. This motor complements the gap between GR 63 to GR 80 with an output power up to 130 Watts.

The high output power results from ferrite magnets with a high flux density and also from the housing of the motor which is dip-coated in plastic paint. This enables a better heat dissipation at the motor housing.

Looking just at the figures, the torque of the GR 63S compared with the same sized standard motor GR63 increase by 37%, from 27 Ncm to 37 Ncm at almost identical nominal speed. The power density also improved from 0,26 W/cm3 to 0,31 W/cm3.

The mechanical dimensions and interfaces are identical with the GR 63. The motor is available in different rated voltages 24, 48 and 60 VDC with flying leads. Different shaft lenghts and diameters and shafts on both sides can be ordered. Standard is protection class IP 50, higher class available on request. The motor is characterized by a minimum of emitted nterference, versions with higher protection against interference available on request.

In combination with our modular system we can offer innovative drive solutions based on brushless DC- Servo Motors (up to 500 Watt) at short notice. Further components include planetary gearboxes (up to 160 Nm) and worm gearboxes (up to 30 Nm) from our own in-house development and production. These drive systems are completed by a variety of encoders, power- off and power-on brakes.


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