Exhibition: Stork Drives at OTD 2015 in Stavanger

Stork Drives participated at the Offshore Technology Days, OTD 2015, in Stavanger October 21-22.

At this exhibition Stork Drives focused on products for the oil and gas industry such as the heavy duty motors EC 22 HD and EC-4pole 32 HD with planetary gearhead from maxon motor and the incremental encoders SCA24Ex and SCH24Ex from Scancon.

The exhibition was a great success with more than 25 800 visitors, an almost recordbreaking number. Stork Drives participated together with close to 500 exhibitors.preview picture

maxon’s EC 22 HD (Heavy Duty) is a standard motor for extremely harsh operating conditions. Developed for the exceptionally high requirements in deep drilling technology, the electronically commutated motor EC 22 HD resists even most extreme conditions in which “normal” drives call it quits.

EC-4pole 32 HD is larger and more powerful Deep drilling technology (called “downhole drilling” in the field of oil and gas exploration) makes it possible to recover oil and gas from depths of more than 2500 mthan the award-winning 22 mm motor. There are different versions of the EC-4pole 32 HD designed for operation in air or in oil (flooded in hydraulic oil). The power rating depends on the surrounding medium and amounts to 220 W in air and, due to the much higher heat flow, 480 W in oil. They are designed for ambient temperatures of more than 200 °C and atmospheric pressures of up to 1700 bar. The Ø 32 mm motors must also be able to withstand vibrations of up to 25 grms as well as impacts of up to 1000 G (1000 times the acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface). As an example, a Formula 1 vehicle is exposed to approximately 2 G and fighter jets are exposed to approxi-mately 13 G. The motors feature high efficiency (up to 89% in air, more than 80% in oil), making them ideal for use in battery-operated applications. With their detent-free running properties, they have excellent control characteristics and are suitable for high-precision positioning tasks in outer space, even at low speeds.

The EC-4pole 32 HD is ideal for use in environments with extreme temperatures, subject to high vibration, or under ultra-high vacuum. This means the motors can also be used in aerospace applications, e.g. for gas turbine starters, for the generators of jet engines, for regulating combustion engines, or for exploration robots. For the use of the motor in conjunction with a gearhead, maxon offers the GP 32 HD, a powerful and robust planetary gearhead.


SCA24EX is the smallest (ø24 mm) EX-Proof SCA24EXshaft encoder on the market and SCH24EX (Ex d II) is the smallest (ø24 mm) EX-Proof hollow shaft encoder on the market. Both encoders are designed for use in small Zone 1 applications like control panels where space is critical.