Wind turbine applications

Scancon has provided encoder solutions to the wind industry for over 20 years.

Known for its design expertise, Scancon offers not only standard wind industry encoders but also a variety of innovative incremental, absolute, fiber optic, and intelligent encoder solutions.

Scancon Encoders WindToday Scancon encoders are used by satisfied customers all over the world in different applications in the turbine control system which include: speed measurement of the generator, pitch controller, sleeve rings and YAW controller.

All Scancon encoders (incremental types) for wind turbine are manufactured with built-in over load protection device – Transient Suppression Module – TSM. The device is intended to be used in environments where severe electrical transient and disturbances are encountered. The module will protect the encoder electronic from malfunctioning due to disturbances coming through the cable. It is available as a stand-alone product and is also incorporated into several encoder models. The TSM is not a lighting protection device. However if there is lighting in nearby area, the TSM will absorb electrical disturbances.

Scancon continues to work with customers to provide innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of the wind industry.

Scancon Encoders Wind

SCANCON has been manufacturing encoders since 1973, and is well known for its high quality encoders and special solutions. SCANCON exports encoders to more than 78 countries worldwide, from our factory and head office, near Copenhagen.