BLDC motor BG 65 with Profinet interface

BLDC motor BG 65 is now available with Profinet interface

Dunkermotoren’s brushless DC motor BG 65 is now available with its integrated Profinet interface which is compatible with Siemens controllers of S7 series. With function blocks the motor is simple to integrate into PLC controllers.

brushless DC motor BG 65 with Profinet interfaceWith a continuous output power of 60 – 190 W and a peak of 341 W the BG 65 PN with its compact design is perfectly qualified for the industrial automation and engineering. Through the integrated absolute encoder no referencing is necessary.

The BG 65 PN is applicable in applications such as linear axis or lifting cylinders for positioning tasks.

Perfect drive solution

With its integrated modular system Dunkermotoren is able to provide their customers the perfect drive solution. BG 65 PN with suitable gearboxes – planetary and worm gearboxes with a continuous torque up to 160 Nm.