BGA 22 with gearboxes and integrated controller

The BGA 22×22 dCore from Dunkermotoren is now available with a suitable gearbox, encoder and controller.

The innovative, ironless, axial flow design of the BGA 22 provides definite advantages. Zero-cogging torque, low vibration, and very low audible noise are some.

BGA 22 with gearbox and integrated controllerMore advantages with BGA 22

In addition to this new motor, there is a four-quadrant controller, BGE 6005 with CANopen interface. It can supply currents up to 5A…and is also available now. Furthermore, the RE22 encoder is offered with 256 ppr or 360 ppr, matches the BGA 22’s diameter, and can be mounted to the motor. For simple applications, Dunkermotoren can offer the BGA 22 dGo version with integrated commutation electronics and functions such as change of direction, start/stop, speed set input and speed output signal.

The available PLG 22 and PLG 24 planetary gearboxes can provide a nominal torque of up to 1.5 Nm.