ST Series linear motor with Profinet drive

The ST Series linear motor from Dunkermotoren now available with Profinet drive, DME 230×4.

In combination with this Profinet drive, the ST linear motors allow for easy integration into Siemens controller environments. The linear system with DME 230×4 provides high dynamic motion and good controllability for quick and precise positioning.

ST Series linear motor with Profinet driveSuperior to pneumatic cylinders

The ST Series ServoTube is commonly found in industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and test systems. Since there are no meshing mechanical parts such as gears or screws, the ServoTube linear motor assures extremely quiet operation. Applications with lifetimes requiring more than 50,000 km (31,000 miles) are not uncommon for this motor. Therefore, the ServoTube is vastly superior to pneumatic cylinders. Speeds up to 10m/s, accelerations up to 600m/s², peak forces up to 1860N and protection classes up to IP67 are achievable with the ST Series linear motor.