High power gearboxes now available

New series of high power gearboxes in product portfolio of Dunkermotoren

With motors getting more and more dynamic, requirements on the gearbox technology are increasing. Additionally, the drives are driven up to their limits of their capability because of reduced available space for example in AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles).

PLG 63 HP (High Power)High power gearboxes

Dunkermotoren meets these challenging requirements with their new gearbox series PLG 63 HP, PLG 75 HP and PLG 95 HP. They convince with high nominal torque of up to 160 Nm and acceleration torque of up to 320 Nm. Dunkermotoren particularly focused on surge loads. Such loads occur in case of emergency stops, or for example through vandalism in railway applications. Even under occasional load peaks of up to 480 Nm, the gearboxes do not get damaged and continue to run flawlessly.

Compact design

One more highlight is the compactness of the drive solution – motor and gearbox. The planetary gearboxes are designed in a way that they do not need any clutch or flange to be mounted to the motor. The drive length is therefore reduced to a minimum. With the use of toothed motor shafts, one-stage gearboxes can be realized with a reduction ratio of 14,5:1.