Low-backlash gearboxes now available

Series of low-backlash gearboxes in product portfolio of Dunkermotoren

With the gearbox series PLG 40 LB, PLG 60 LB and PLG 80 LB Dunkermotoren launches three new low-backlash planetary gearboxes.

Servo gearboxes

Gear in the series of low-backlash gearboxesThe maximum backlash depends on length and reduction rate and is between 7 and 19 arcmin. A nominal torque of up to 92 Nm and an acceleration torque of up to 184 Nm can be transmitted. They are used in applications where low backlash is necessary, for example in positioning tasks. As the gearbox series convinces with low backlash and also with integer reductions and a very high lifetime. The gearboxes rank among servo gearboxes.

The gearboxes are ideal for combinations with dynamic motors of the series BG with integrated controller dPro and sine commutation. The complete solution is suitable regarding dynamic, positioning accuracy and lifetime for typical servo applications and does not need to fear any comparison with conventional and very cost-intensive servo motors.