Complaint or return process

To be able to handle complaints, which are often solved together with our international suppliers, we kindly ask you to first read through and consider the terms and conditions below.

If the unit meets the conditions and can be classified as a complaint or return, we would like you to fill in the fields on the green part of the return form that must be attached to each returned unit and send it to Stork Drives in Solna, together with the goods which shall be claimed or returned.

Please provide as detailed information as possible. This enables us to minimize the risk of misinterpretation and the handling will be faster.

Complaint or return terms

1. Warranty and Condition

Is the warranty of the unit still valid? If it is within the warranty period, but is completely destroyed by corrosion or other impacts that are not covered by the warranty, it is not appropriate to send it to us. It is then more economical to scrap the device directly, so that you will avoid the shipping costs to and from Stork Drives.

2. Requirements on written documentation

Written documentation / description of the defect must always accompany the return, either via the return form below or your own form or documentation. The documentation shall include at least the following:

Contact details (including telephone and email) .
Problem description – as detailed as possible (“error code 117” or “rejected” is not acceptable). Ideally should the specification, that the returned unit does not meet, be noted.
Expected action such as analysis, repair or otherwise.
Application description and probable cause of failure. Provide data such as voltage / current, or other data of importance (vibration, humidity, heat, etc.).

If the above points are not met, the return could be sent back to you at your own expense without further investigation (or scrapped if contact information is missing).

Complaints and return form

If the unit meets the requirements for complaints or return as above, you can download and fill out the form in pdf format here.

Please, do not forget to enclose the form with your goods in the shipment to us.

Address: DJ Stork Drives AB, Solna Strandväg 120, SE-171 54 Solna, Sweden

The customer is responsible for the cost and risk of returning goods unless otherwise is agreed in advance.

Thank you for your participation!