We deliver worm gearboxes, spur gearboxes and planetary gearboxes with or without integrated linear lead screw / ball screw adapted to our flexible modular concept.

Based on this we can select a wide variety of standard customizations to meet the requirements of various properties that are important for each application.

If your application requires a gearbox with some special property such as small dimensions or low weight in relation to power, high efficiency, quiet and vibration-free operation, long life, high resistance to vibration, pressure or temperature, integrated linear screw, or a combination of such properties, our product range with more than 1000 different standard gearboxes is probably a good start to be able to deliver a product that stands out in your favor.

maxon motorPlanetary Gearboxmaxon GP Ø 6-81 mm0-120 NmCompact planetary gearboxes adapted for maxon motors
maxon motorPlanetary Gearboxmaxon GPX Ø 8-42 mm0-15 NmCompact planetary gearboxes adapted for maxon DCX motors.
DunkermotorenPlanetary GearboxDunker PLGØ 24-84 mm0-160 NmPlanetary Gearbox adapted for Dunker DC and EC (BLDC) motors
maxon motorPlanetary Gearbox w. int. lead screwmaxon GP S Ø 6-32 mm (växel)4-2636 NPlanetary Gearbox with integrated lead screw alternatively ball screw in very compact mount design with maxon DC / EC motors
maxon motorSpur Gearboxmaxon GS0-2 NmHelical gears with high efficiency and low noise
DunkermotorenWorm GearboxDunker SG/SGF0-30 NmWorm gears characterized by a robust design at an attractive price. The program includes worm gears with continuous torques up to 30 Nm.
GysinWorm GearboxGysin GSR1228x40x31 mm (BxHxL)1 NmCompact worm gear to be combined with maxon RE25 DC motors
GysinWorm GearboxGysin GSR1740x55x43 mm (BxHxL)2 NmCompact worm gear to be combined with our maxon RE30, RE35 and RE40 DC motors
GysinWorm GearboxGysin GSR2550x75x55 mm (BxHxL)5 NmCompact worm gear to be combined with our maxon RE40 DC motors