We deliver in the range from complete intelligent programmable stand-alone multi-axis positioning systems with integrated motor, encoder, electronics and software with user friendly graphical interface for the PC to simpler electronics modules for single-axis positioning.

Our external positioning system is advantageously combined with of our DC or EC (BLDC) motors.

DunkermotorenEC Motor (BLDC)BG Ø 32-75 mm10-530 W Cost-efficient EC motors for industrial applications, often with integrated motor control.
maxon motorEC Motor (BLDC)MCD EPOS P33x53x120 mm (BxHxL)60 WIntelligent programmable and compact stand-alone positioning device based on maxon EC motor
maxon motorEC Motor (BLDC)MCD EPOS33x53x120 mm (BxHxL)60 WIntelligent programmerbar och kompakt positioneringsenhet baserad på maxon EC motor
DunkermotorenEC motor, LinearSCA11-XI 28x61 mm (BxH)6-19 NIndustrial linear actuator in the form of tubular motor for demanding servo applications, with integrated programmable electronics
maxon motorPositioning system, externalMAXPOS1-250 WExtremely fast positioning system with EtherCAT interface and the CoE for DC and EC (BLDC) motors
maxon motorPositioning system, externalEPOS21-700 WPositioning systems in various formats for DC and EC (BLDC) motors between 1-700W
maxon motorPositioning system, externalEPOS41-750 WPositioning system with CANopen interface for DC and EC (BLDC) motors between 1-750W