We deliver encoders based on optical, magnetoresistive, hall-effect or inductive technology with a focus on high resolution and precision.

Our program includes incremental encoders, absolute encoders, resolvers and tachometers.

Our sensors are adapted to our flexible modular concept from which we can select a wide variety of standard adjustments to meet the requirements of various properties that are important for each application. If your application requires a sensor with some special property such as small dimensions, a specific resolution or precision, our product range is probably the right start to be able to deliver a product that stands out in your favor.

DunkermotorenAbsolute EncoderDunker Absolute Encoder13 bit (8192 ppv) single turn, 12 bit (4096 ppv)Absolute encoder to enable absolute positioning of Dunker EC (BLDC) motors BG65 and BG75.
ScanconAbsolute EncoderScancon SCH24-AN10 bit (1024 ppr), AnalogVery compact single-turn absolute encoder with analog output
ScanconAbsolute EncoderScancon SCH24-AB12 bit (4096 ppv), SSIVery compact single-turn absolute encoder
maxon motorAbsolute Encodermaxon ENX Encoder4096 steps per turnRobust absolute encoders to enable positioning and precise speed control of the maxon DCX motors
DunkermotorenDC TachometersDunker DC-Tacho3/10 V per 1000 rpmDC tachometers suitable for speed control of Dunker motors
maxon motorDC Tachometersmaxon DC-Tacho0,52 V utsignal per 1000 rpmAnalog DC tachometer for speed control of maxon motors
maxon motorIncremental Encodermaxon Encoder1-5000 pulser/varvOptic, magneto-resistive or inductive sensors for integration with maxon motors
DunkermotorenIncremental EncoderDunker Encoderfrom 2 to 1024 pulses/revolutionEncoder to enable positioning and precise speed control of Dunker, DC and EC (BLDC) motors.
ScanconIncremental EncoderScancon SCH/SCA 161-5 000 pprExtremely compact incremental encoder with high maximum resolution
ScanconIncremental EncoderScancon SCH/SCA/2RMHF 241-7 500 pprVery compact industrial incremental encoder with high maximum resolution
maxon motorIncremental Encodermaxon ENX Encoder1-1024 pulser/varvRobust 3-channel encoders to enable positioning and precise speed control of the maxon DCX motors
maxon motorResolvermaxon Resolvermaxon resolvers are suitable for precise positioning for some of the maxon BLDC motors