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Danish manufacturer of advanced optical encoders in small dimensions 

Scancon is a privately-held manufacturer of encoders located in Allerød Denmark. The company was founded in 1973 as an engineering design firm. The manufacturing of incremental encoders for the industry started in 1980 with the production line of a 2-channel Eex-encoder for the petrochemical industry, mainly for gasoline dispensers. In 1984 the production of high precision encoders for industrial purposes started. The encoders were implemented in a number of applications in the metal, wood, plastic, stone and food industries. There are encoders in automatic door systems, conveyors, cranes, elevators, etc.

Scancon has through its design engineering expertise been able to offer smaller and more high-resolution encoders to their customers during the years. They also provide one of the widest ranges of EX-Proof encoders on the market. The main part of the production is exported. Scancon’s future development will mainly concentrate on small encoders, with even higher accuracy and higher frequency.