maxon EC-4pole

Here you will find brushless 4-pole EC motors with very high to extreme performance in relation to size and weight. Our HD (heavy duty) versions will manage applications in oil where a power of up to 480W can be achieved at a motor diameter of only 32 mm.

The EC-4pole program can easily be combined with a wide variety of accessories such as gearboxes with or without integrated linear screw, encoders and drive electronics. Such combinations can advantageously be configured directly on maxon motor’s website through the link further down on the right or by contacting our product manager under the contact information at the bottom of this page!

Furthermore, in the list on the right you will find downloadable files of the current catalog data, information about how the data should be interpreted, theory in the selection of EC motors and deeper theory that is also suitable for internal training or self-study. Please visit our educational archives where additional training publications and videos can be found!

Suppliermaxon motor
TypeEC Motor (BLDC)
Dimension Ø 22-32 mm
Performance90-480 W
Description 4-pole EC motors with high to extreme performance in relation to size and weight
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The product is available in: Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland, Estland, Lettland, Litauen

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