Stork Drives är sedan december 2012 certifierat enligt ISO 9001 och ISO 14001.



The Stork Drives’ keywords of quality, performance and flexibility describe our products as well as our organisation and function as guideposts when it comes to the solutions we supply as well as in our cooperation between customers, manufacturers and employees. Progress and personal satisfaction are our key indicators. Our relationships are characterised by a long-term perspective and by synergy.

Stork Drives will actively and deliberately care for the environment and work-environment, limit its impact, follow up risk analysis and follow applicable laws and requirements.

Stork Drives will create job satisfaction and commitment in the workplace through participation and active and committed leadership to prevent un-healthy work load.

Illness and work-related injuries are prevented through personal protection, insurance, health checks and positive encouragement of physical activity.

Our customers expect that we will deliver our products on time. Meeting the expectations that have been established is a basis for satisfied customers.

Stork Drives will do the right thing from the beginning and will constantly work on improvements. This is a personal responsibility and a task for all employees.

Quality for Stork Drives is that in every step of every process assume that we ultimately must fulfil or exceed customer expectations.